Well, this is my first post of 2012! 

It has been a little over a year since I started blogging, I can't believe it! It's neat to look back now at the pictures and compare :) I will probably do A LOT of compare posts!

With Justin working up in Concord and school starting back, I just haven't had time to blog :( I've kept up with other blogs though and they are still inspiring! So what's new? Well...Justin leaves @ 5:30 a.m. every morning in order to go to the gym before he leaves for Concord. Tj and Justin opened up a new Sonny's location! It's very exciting, yet very tiring. I'm proud of them and I know they are having fun! 

School started a few weeks back and I'm taking Biology. There is so much information my brain is going to explode, lol. It is neat though b/c I do remember some of these things from high school. I'm also taking Developmental Psych, and it's very interesting. 

Work has been crazy, it's so different not having Justin & Tj around...I've worked with Justin for the last 7 years or so, I'm definitely having withdrawals from seeing him :( 


To catch up from my Bathroom Reno..This was before, *GAG* what what I thinking?

First I painted the walls...

Then removed the old light fixture. I installed my first wall box
 (is that what it's called? ha!) 

I also removed the mini blinds and hung faux wood blinds to match the rest of the house
My plans are still to frame the mirror (when I have time ;) )

Love those distressed frames to the left? Luckily, about a year ago I spray painted them white, then I forgot about them and they rusted and peeled up. PERFECT!
 I bleached them to get the rust off and wiped them down...

If you haven't figured out by now, I go through obsessive phases. Matilda Jane ring a bell? Well, I've discovered Organic Bloom Frames. They started as a small company (still are small) but they are so very popular now. They make these amazing frames in tons of different shapes and colors! Thanks to many of you I won an 8x8 frame from them :) (THANKS AGAIN!) Well, I've ordered several and I am seriously in LOVE! See the frames in this picture? Those are some of them :) 

The 2 on the side are Mary Anne 5x7's simply in Black.
The one in the middle is a June 8x10 in Morning Grey, You can tell it has a blue hint.
I'm not sure what pictures I'll put in these...My original idea was to make prints of white brick, I still may do that...

What's Left:
  • As I mentioned before, frame the mirror with white molding
  • Fix the Tile around the bath & add trim
  • Paint cabinetry
  • Hang shelving
  • Do Pinterest ideas for decor

Ok, Until Next Time :) 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. So you're going for the vintage/rustic look? Neat! It may take more than just wood frames to create that look though... it may mean sticking to certain textures and colors, but so far, you're doing good!

    - Terence Watthens